Wisteria transience
Tony Malone

Wisteria transience

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A wisteria in full bloom creating an overlay of tranquility and order to a background of competing colours and movements.  In what appears to be chaos we pull out the calm, the tranquil and in doing so we find the transient nature of all things.

I’ve found people look at this and dismiss it quickly, “it’s too busy” but in Buddhist mandala fashion it’s a study for the artist as much as the viewer. The calm is there, look, consider, meditate if you like but time is your friend to it’s meaning. Tranquility.

Painted using recycled materials, acrylic paint and vegetable oil to achieve the effects. 800x1000mm stretched canvas on frame.

This artwork is held for exhibition between April and May 2021. If sold at the gallery or on this site it will be dispatched after the 8th May 2021.