Installation: Washing Line of Human Rights
Installation: Washing Line of Human Rights
TONY MALONE | Mendip Hills Studio Ltd

Installation: Washing Line of Human Rights

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One of Tony’s protest exploration artworks. A discussion point and a reminder. 30 hand sewn and hand heat printed images each one a text discussion on the need for change in the human condition and how we treat each other.

Part of the ‘The world is yours.’ Exhibition series.

This piece has toured during 2020 across the UK and has bookings for 2021 already. It has been hailed as a landmark piece for the artist and a snapshot of the global attitudes to inclusion and human rights.

Scalable in size to fit over one wall, multiple walls or across spaces. Photos here are from a set up in North Kent and a working set up in the confines of the art studio.

30 x 50cmx50cm linen with cut print hand applied. Supplied installed with rope and pegs. Travel expenses for installation by quotation.

Also available for display & on loan to galleries globally.