Fuschias falling across a deep turquoise
Tony Malone

Fuschias falling across a deep turquoise

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Fragile and fleshy fuschias swaying from their stems in the wind. A bold expression of colour on this painting.

Celebrating shape, form and mark making. A new interpretation of the Japanese celebration of the transient qualities of flowers in blossom. A Buddhist concept linking the temporary nature of all things with the viewers’ own sense of self and place in the universe. I hope in this series gives a sense of window, of viewing, looking and via our eyes enter a new reality captured in a single moment.

Part of a series of paintings in the HANAMI exhibition range of paintings.

This artwork is held for exhibition between April and May 2021. If sold at the gallery or on this site it will be dispatched after the 8th May 2021.

200x240mm Acrylic on wooden panel supplied unframed with command mounting points on reverse.