Training and Seminars

Proudly in 2019 Tony delivered the world's largest EDI training session to an audience of over 20,000 online discussing ways we can enable young people inclusively to reduce inequality and enable gender equality. 

In 2019 again, over 50,000 adults and young people learned about LGBTQI+ global inequalities in an educational setting workshop in the USA devised and delivered by Tony and his team.

These ground breaking large scale training events are complimented by thousands of workshops and seminar training for 6-12 people or public/internal training talks for 20-200.

All our workshops and training use our central tools of; listening; dialogue; compassion and allyship to tailor a package exclusively for our clients.

Recently a lot of projects are focused on understanding existing communities or new, vibrant emerging areas of our society's understanding of diversity. These important conversations are essential to transformation in the workplace or organisation change to a more inclusive and future looking organisation.

If you have a training need around Diversity, Equality, Dialogue, Inclusion or Human Rights please do get in touch so we can help to shape your training around your organisation.