The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary

 D&I Glossary Project: acknowledging words that celebrate diversity and reduce inequalities.

The words we use are important. They can bring joy, cause offence, raise disputes or bring peace. We now need to think about the words we use in a way that requires consideration more than ever.

In this book, the largest and most definitive glossary of terms for Reducing Inequalities and celebrating Diversity and Inclusion. In an easy to read format this book takes as much of a non-biased approach as possible to the words we use to create more inclusive societies.

Wrote and complied by Dr Tony Malone, one of the world's leading figures in the field of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and reducing inequality. His open, honest and discussion based style allows for an invaluable "look up and learn" approach to improve how we can all communicate with informed dignity.


We very much want this title to be a definitive, complete and up to date edition. As such we recognise the fact we many have incorrect or missing key words and descriptions about your community.  I honestly apologise and welcome the corrections and your support in making this resource more inclusive.

We really do welcome critical positive challenge, it is essential for us to learn, evolve and make this guide more useful than ever.

Our aim is to publish a new edition once every two years, acknowledging that language, terms and social attitudes change. This helps us all maintain the best possible approach to language but also to capture in history these words and terms.

We receive no fund for this at present but the project is passionately run by a group of 28 volunteers and complied by Tony. All profit raised from the sale of these books helps us fund the next edition.

The project supporting this started originally in 2004 but was not made real until 2017, and published in part in 2018… now it’s references are found online and in books across the world. Now in 2022, we are ready to start to share this work wider and work together to help people ensure dignity for all in their language.

Please email us on the address below if you would like to suggest a new term or to find out more.

You can purchase the current edition here: The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary