Published Books & Titles

Up the Rhubarb | April 2022

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From seed to crop, a celebration of rhubarb from the wonderfully absurd folktales to practical growing advice.

From the author’s mountain valley side allotment in Wales to the wild's of Mongolia and China. Tony takes us along a journey of horticultural delight and interest. Along this journey we find useful guidance on growing from seeds and crown cuttings, through to caring for established plants and harvesting in plots or containers.

We explore the Suffragette’s movement links to rhubarb and the rhubarb fairy who helps bring spring foods to the world.

There is a selection of recipes for cakes, biscuits, jams, and crumbles you can try at home too.

Together let us enjoy the randomness of Rhubarb.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: The Practical Guide | February 2021 | 2nd Edition
The essential handbook for terminology and communicating inclusion with dignity.

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A new edition for 2021 of one of the best selling books on Diversity & Inclusion.A practical, look up and find out style guide for current EDI Terminology.A guide to some of the world's faiths and customs, a useful introduction to communications and PR focused on maintaining dignity and respect for communities. "An invaluable guide that should be on everyone's desk" This new second edition updates the terminology and information with new emerging terms and social constructs. For a post-pandemic work and in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement some of the new terms are essential. The author, Tony Malone is an artist and human rights advisor with over 20 years experience and lectures about Diversity and Inclusion across the world. He has wrote many articles and books on human rights and continues to keep this top selling book on inclusion up-to-date with new terms in each edition.


Pied Wagtails | July 2021

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A wonderful book celebrating the popular monotone birds. Small birds big on character and history. This book takes you on a journey from their habitat, their life cycles and their folklore and history. Beautifully illustrated by the author. Tony Malone is an artist well known for his artwork and books on human rights and also a keen bird watcher with a passion for Pied Wagtails.


British Human Rights, for you, for me, for us.
A quick reference guide for activists | April 2021

A brief introduction to Human Rights in the UK. Intended as a reference guide for activists, students and all those with an interest in exploring Human Rights, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. The book takes each of the articles of the UK Human Rights Act and gives a brief guide to how it protects us all in society. Each right is carefully interpreted to offer a simple language explanation of the concepts of Human Rights.

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