Free Art Workshops

Our aim.

Anyone can create, each and everyone of us can make art. We can all put our dreams on to paper or canvas. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

Sometimes life stops us being creative. Sometimes events, jobs, illness, other people or circumstances come together to make us forget we are all born with the ability to create happiness for ourselves and others.

Our aim is simple. Take some, people, paints, some paper, a place to do this and an artist and learn together to connect to that happiness of painting.

We hope by extending our studio work to include these elements we can better serve the community while also furthering the development of equality in arts.

To develop this the new Art Studio space intends to be offering FREE workshops.

We call this programme, REACH. Each 12 week course enables anyone to find how to be creative and to find ways to learn to create.  Each course taught by Tony or a fellow professional artist. Each 12 week course also ends in a professional private view and gallery showing of work.

Alongside the ‘REACH.’ arts workshops we are also developing ‘Paint with me.’ A series of art broadcasts looking at techniques, media, equipment and mindfulness in painting. These are available for free to all, from our YouTube channel.

This further’s out aims to show how everyone can paint, how anyone can find happiness through art in the most global and accessible way we have access to using digital technology.

You can watch the Paint with me. workshops here.