Faith & Spirituality

(Graduation at Dharamshala Monastery in 2003)

Tony has always had an interested in the Spiritual, with a family with pagan roots in the new forest and catholic traditions from Ireland his up-brining lead to an emphasis on openminded kindness.

"I discovered, or rather I feel re-discovered buddhism in 2001 and I was very insecure, skeptical and out of my depth. Writing this in 2021, I am now proud to say I am exactly the same, but with more friends and more happiness." 

Tony is a Venerable Master of Buddhism and a recognised Tulku.  This means he has studied at various paths within Vajrayana buddhism and passed the examinations for a doctor of buddhist philosophy and undertaken trials as a buddhist master to recognise his past paths in reincarnation and spiritual understanding.  He has spent four years teaching (in person and remote) buddhist practices across the world, focusing on his monastic ties to Rongbuk Monastery in Nepal and the Monastery where he trained in Ghoom, Darjeeling, India.  Tony retired as a buddhist monk in 2006 due to his wanting to explore his own feelings as a gay man. This move was welcomed and supported by his monastic brothers and sisters, and even the Dalai Lama himself, with whom Tony has remained a good friend.

 Rongbuk Monastery on the Tibet / Nepal Border.
(Rongbuk Monastery on the Tibet / Nepal Border.)

 In 2013 Tony was appointed personally by the Dalai Lama as representative for Gelug School of Buddhism and associated Monasteries to the PingMingLungDao (loose translation is "The way of the everyday") order of Buddhism this order is an intersectional element of all schools of buddhism which helps maintain peace and communications through dialogue and intense spiritual practice. From 2018 Tony has taken a role as ceremonial head of this special school of inter-buddhist dialogue.  He has maintained an ongoing link, albeit virtually due to the pandemic with his duties there.

Since 2015, Tony has been a part of the World Buddhist Council for helping to shape policy and ethics.  

In 2017 Tony joined the World Buddhist Scout Council and has represented them at events across the world. In 2022 Tony was elected Secretary General of the World Buddhist Scout Council, and a member of the WorldScouting Interrelgious Forum.

In 2019 he delivered a speech to the UN Faith Council on the importance of World faiths coming together to work in solidarity against climate change.

Although not a monastic member of his school of buddhism he is honoured to remain a Venerable Master of Buddhism with the honoured title of Rinpoche being bestowed up on him in September 2022 by the Ghoom Monastery.

He is an active speaker and campaigner for interfaith dialogue and has put this belief in practice in conflict zones in Iraq, Syria, and Myanmar as a bridge between faiths in war zones to achieve community peace.

Tony is a regular visitor to various project across all faiths and philosophies and works closely in friendship with others to ensure we all have access freely and enjoyably to explore the human need to be enlightened and discover faith.