Current Exhibitions:

Ongoing – Art of Peaceful Protests | UK & Online
A project exploring how to start a dialogue on activism, social change and protests peacefully using visual arts as the catalyst.
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Upcoming OPEN STUDIO Exhibitions:

The following exhibitions are at Tony's Art Studio in Clevedon, Somerset.

5th, 12th & 19th DECEMBER 2020 
Open Studio Days
Come and discuss Art, Human Rights and view a selection of current work’s at Tony’s studio during Saturdays in December.

1st to 7th FEBRUARY 2020
A visual celebration of rights movements, people through contemporary art. An open studio exhibition of the larger collection of protest artwork in collaboration with over 5000 young people across the world. Includes online events and music alongside the studio events.

5th to 11th APRIL 2021
The Beautiful Mendips
Recent work in watercolour of the Mendip Hills’ unique scenery and landscapes. A visual celebration of the landscape of this recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

7th to 13th JUNE 2021
Look up, dream up.
Visual arts and astronomy. How through painting we can learn our place in the universe. Featuring a collection of Astro-Imaging and Telescope Watercolour work based on telescope astronomy.



Past Exhibitions:

2018-2019 – Ships of Inspiration | London, UK
Celebrating and quantifying the inspiring factor of some ships and vessels. Asking can you measure inspiration in design, history or people. Visual arts project.

2019 – Genocides against our own | London, UK
A visual arts project exploring how people in the UK have their protected human rights abused & dismissed and how it is covered up.

2018-present – Refugee Responses | UK
A project exploring the many ways in which people around the world have come together to support and rescue refugees.

2019 – MidSummer’s Dream #citizenship | LV21, Gravesend, UK
An installation piece called “Silent Protest” made via discussion and public collaboration looking at Human, Animal and Climate rights.

2018 – Celebrating Scouting
An exhibition of my watercolour work produced while volunteering with the Scouts.

2018 | Of seas, words, women and men | UK
Poetry, paintings and thoughts on sailing, ships and stories from the sea.

2016-17 | Seeking Enlightenment | UK & India
A huge exhibition of watercolours celebrating happiness.
View the online exhibition here

2017 | SpeakOUT | London Metropolitan Archives, UK
Key interview as part of an oral history project recording LGBT History in London.

2016 | Seas of Sail | SanFrancisco, USA
Solo exhibition of watercolour paintings of sailing ships.

2016 | Hauntings | Film project 
A super 8 film project exploring a non-narrative idea of what is a haunting and it’s interplay with fear.

2015 | Humanity in focus | London
Exhibition of Human Rights based photographic images, Solo Exhibition in central London.

2012 | Darlington House Summer Exhibition | Darlington, Wales
Display of Digital Finger paintings exploring the new media opportunities of touch screen devices.

2009 | UNESCO International Year of Astronomy | WorldWide
Lead artist for UK for the UNESCO International Year of Astronomy. A major work using telescopes, radio telescopes, projection and painting as well as learning astro-imaging techniques in collaboration with BT, Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, and NASA.

2007 | One Eye Grey / Penny Dreadfuls | London
Working with author and Horror Historian, Chris Roberts on images, visuals and art direction for a collection of London based folklore and mythology horror stories.


Selected past exhibitions of creative work:
2019, Refugees in the water, a dissolving watercolour installation of refugee paintings.
2019, Silent Protest, Installation and public collaboration.
2015, Painted boats exhibition.
2014, Publiction of Short Stories
2013, Exhbition of Arctic Wildlife 
2012, Medway Literal Festival artist
2011, Darlington House summer exhibition 
2009, UN International year of Astronomy
2009, New York Watercolour Gallery
2007, Typographic drawings, Tokyo
2006, Design feature, London
2004, BowieArt exhibition
2002, Exhibition of Aerial Photography 
2001, End of year show, London
2000, Seascape Gallery, London
1998, University year show.

Key media interviews:
2020, MacMillian Cancer Care Talks, Empowerment of minorities
2019, BSA Interview on Equality in Youth Equality Work
2019, Scouting Magazine UK, brief interview
2019, MyClassicBoat, film interview
2018, Arts International, interview
2017, Scouting Magazine, Refugee Project
2017, MyClassicBoat, film interview 
2016, London Metropolitan Archives, featured interview for #SpeakOut
2014, Courageous Creativity, Magazine, USA 
2014, Kent Messenger, Clean rivers campaign work HM Coastguard.
2013, GayTimes, multi spread feature.
2013, Various press: Arctic sailing
2012, Olympic branding critique interview
2011, Local & National press for tea
2010, BBC Radio, Tea interviews
2009, Unitied Nations, featured artist
2009, BBC feature on artists documentary
2008, BBC Radio London
2008, ITN, Interview EU Design Project
2007, Interview, Design Week
2007, Various features, Pink News
2007, Interview, Wall St Magazine
2006, Interview, Blueprint magazine
2004, Interview, GayTimes magazine
2004, Feature, DesignWeek magazine
2004, Feature, TheTimes Newspaper
2003, Feature, DesignWeek
2002, BBC Arts interview
2001, Feature, Kent Messenger Newspaper