Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

In 1999 Tony started to raise the question of accessibility in graphic and brand communication design in the magazine BluePrint, this lead to the creation of the Design for Diversity think tank in 2003 which steered the way for many UK projects around the country for fostering peace and diversity work within communities.

Using the human right of dignity, Tony has developed ways in which companies, governments and charities can respectfully reach all areas of the community inclusively.

This journey has very much meant helping to share both corporate and government projects on Diversity & Inclusion in addition to working with rights activists to support their work and play a part in the responsibility of overcoming discrimination.

As a speaker and trainer, Tony has travelled the world discussing enabling tools on reducing conflict, improving accessibility, developing tools to stop racism, enabling gender equality. He has used these opportunities to highlight and develop support for many exciting projects.

Perhaps one of the most contemporary areas Tony has a track record in is Digital Accessibility, specifically for mobile phones and computing. Starting in 1998 with a project on the first smart-phones and how accessibility for dexterity and visual impairment can be enabled for users, continuing today with projects on app-enabled projects which shape ways many people can access goods, services and tools to make their lives more accessible.