Crisis Management

The world is a complex place. We sometimes find that the world has moved on quicker than we can respond, particularly in terms of Inequalities, Diversity and Rights.

This is where we need to manage our public message and look to seek genuine and honest change after an incident to ensure that the reputation threats and strategic aims of an organisation are not compromised during critical incidents.

We need only look back on the media of the last three years to see incidents of racism, homophobia, medical abuse and islamaphobia in our daily news. Tony and his team have helped many organisations after this to apologise, learn and change. We give all organisations and individuals the chance to learn and change in a way which engages dialogue and peaceful.


We live in a world where social media is driving realtime global changes in how we see and use information. by streaming of information, live video and comments, news reaches millions online before traditional news services and corporate communications teams. This makes it very hard to respond to before an organisation can establish facts and consider a response.

Organisations need to think ahead by habitually scanning the social and society horizon to identify emerging issues and potential risks before they are fully-formed to enable organisations to change with or even ahead of the times to ensure they can meet crisis or prevent crisis by being more inclusive.

We offer access to our crisis management services for when this has happened or to our think tank groups for early scanning ahead on social issues to consider in the future.

Organisations we have worked with on this service can easily be seen as those who's responses have been genuine, changing and honest in their approach with many more avoiding crisis through dialogue and training.

Please use the contact us page below for more information. In an urgent situation place the world URGENT in your subject and it will be picked up usually within 30minutes.