Commissions and requests


Tony does selectively accept commissions and requests for projects. For some of these there is an option to discuss with the Arts Council England ways in which to purchase or fund projects.  For all commissions there is a flat rate day fee applied with expenses for artist’s materials. To find out more email:

Appreciating values check

We’ve been made aware of Tony’s work selling for 3-4 times its original value in recent years.  If you would like your artwork checked and certified as original by the artist with a new owner or before a sale there is a flat rate fee of £300 plus expenses for this.  Certification of artwork with new owners and that the artwork is original can add to the painting’s authenticity and provenance to protect art investments.

Neither Tony nor his studio offer advice on valuations nor the legalities of a sale of artworks, with the exception of the direct sale of a new artwork to a new owner.

Stolen artworks

In a theft of Tony’s personal artworks in 2010,  there is around 40 paintings from 2001 - 2009 of stars capes sponsored by NESCO, BT and Royal Astronomy Society together with land and sea scopes of Pembrokeshire and London.  There is no reward nor penalty for owning or finding these. Things happen and people felt the need to steal to improve their life situation.  Simply for record keeping it would be useful to have a track of where these are to also create a photo record of these artworks.