Tony’s artwork, human rights work and product designs can be found and celebrated across the world, from his home studio high in the welsh valleys, his small gallery in Clevedon, Somerset, and internationally through at Saatchi Art.

Dr, Tony Malone BA(Hons), BSc, MA, Phd, Buddhist Venerable Master. Born 1979, London. Studied art at Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD), between 1997 & 2003 graduating in Visual Communications, after he then studied Buddhist Philosophy in Vajrayana and ChaDao Buddhism with monasteries in Nepal & India where he developed his understanding of Tea Blending & Tea Cultures taking tea into the world of performance art. He later gained a MA in typographic studies and a PhD on Visual Accessibility in Visual Communication.

For over 25 years his watercolour art work, has been exhibited internationally, often overlapping with his passion for human rights leading to exciting and awareness raising of contemporary subjects using art forms to as part training tool and part activism.

He has wrote many bestselling non-fiction titles on design, Colour Theory and Human Rights, and various collections of children's stories based on folklore and mythology and worked with The BBC on a radio adaptation of his folklore works.

After over 20 years as human rights campaigner and a respected global advisor and consultant for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Tony attributes his unique approach for motivating and discussing rights to people as a desire to want to bring people together fairly, equally and creatively. His unique training tools and approach are now employed globally discussing race, privilege and rights across entire areas of the community and focusing on how intersectionality affects everyone. He is currently head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the charity Shelterbox, helping to shape this amazing charities humanitarian and disaster response work in an inclusive way.

Internationally he volunteers as a member of the World Scouting, Equality, Diversity and Human Rights lead team working on delivering policy, consultancy and programme activities for the 54 Million Scouts around the world all working together to create a better world. While in the UK he is a volunteer at local and national levels of UK Scouting as well as being a trustee of various classic ship trusts and a volunteer for disabled peoples arts organisations.

None this work can be achieved without a sense of adventure, and for many years Tony has travelled and worked in many places on expeditions and adventures. Recently with the Scouts in Ghana, and in 2010-2011 in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. -Becoming the first British openly LGBT+ person to visit both poles, and the second known internationally, this was featured heavily in the LGBT+ press at the time, and documented by the London Metropolitan Archives which also hold a collection of his works and oral histories.

He can often be found painting on beaches, drawing in hills or encouraging people to look though telescopes to feel inspired.

His studio is based in the Welsh Valleys bordering the Brecon Beacons, in Wales, while in 2020 he opened a small gallery of his works in Clevedon, Somerset, with plans for a second gallery in South Wales for late 2021.