Born on 7th April 1979 in London, Tony learned his passion for arts, through drawing afternoons out with his Grandfather. Recognising his talents in creative fields, his teachers and mother fostered this passion enabling Tony to be the first member of his family to enrol in a degree course at Kent Institute of Art and Design, which he passed with honours in 2001.

Tony went on to complete a further degree in observational astronomy, a masters in visual information design, and two PhD’s one in Inter-Faith studies and one in visual accessibility. Still working as both an artist and designer by 2007 Tony’s career has expanded sideways to looking head on at Diversity & Inclusion as leading partner in the Consultancy Group, Design for Diversity which springboard Tony to working across the world on community cohesion projects, peace work and diversity and inclusion policy and law development.

His career in arts continuing in 2001 working as an art director for HarperCollins Publishers the Times & Sunday Times, earning a Silver British Book award as part of the team developing some of the first aerial photography mapping. All the time Tony was also working with the greats of British and international activism for human rights such as Caroline Jones, Sue Sanders, Ju Gosling, Monika Beadle-Blair, Peter Tachell and many more.   Tony had the privilege of designing the updated Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Team branding in 2003 and in 2004 he had a celebrated creative collaboration visually with the London Gay Men’s Chorus. 2005 saw Tony representing the UK at the first European Disability Access conference on behalf of the British Council, 2006 he was speaking at the Houses of Parliament for the need for LGBT+ consultancy on the upcoming Equalities Act and in 2008, he was called into help with the development of the first Gender Equality and Reducing Inequalities work for the United Nations. As a student of Buddhist Philosophy, Tony also gained the title of Buddhist Master of Philosophy in 2006, and has become a consultant on disability and LGBT+ discussions with the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama ever since.

Tony lived in Kent for most of his childhood before moving to London and later Pembrokeshire, where the landscape and dark skies allowed Tony to become the official artist for the 2009 UNESCO Year of Astronomy for the UK. Just after this time, sadly Tony experienced three incidents that defined his attitudes to his equality work.  He experienced a planned homophobic attack on his character and business, he survived domestic abuse and as a result of these two events, he found himself homeless, living from the back of a car.

The struggle with homelessness continued for a few years, and he has become a speaker on this subject for many local charities undertaking in support work for homeless people and those whom have suffered the effects of hate crimes. In 2012 Tony was invited to be a part of the Para-Olympic legacy committee, to look at how Diversity and Inclusion can become a part of  the local arts and music scenes across London.

2012 to 2014 saw Tony engage with his love of sailing, painting and writing. Becoming the first openly LGBT+ British person to visit both north and south poles, together with writing articles on single handed sailing for various magazines around the world. 

Since 2014 Tony has been a volunteer in Scouting. Locally as an assistant Explorer Scout Leader, Nationally as UK Volunteer for Inclusion, Worldwide as a Global Diversity & Inclusion lead volunteer and currently, at the Commissioner Wales: Inclusion for ScoutsCymru. This passion for volunteering means Tony is a trustee of various projects locally and a member of Diversity and Inclusion Teams across the world.  He is currently a speaker & ambassador for the aid agency, ShelterBox and a speaker for the UN Commission for Human Rights.
Tony currently works in the the Welsh Valleys from his office in Tradegar, he occasionally works for Apple, ITV,  The BBC,  The UK Government, and Amazon, which whom he has made the global bestselling book: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: The Practical Guide in 2018. Tony also writes column work for the newspapers across the world, and currently does motivational speeches for the work place, schools and after dinner speaking all over the world.
Tony is a patron of LGBT+ History Month UK,  a Wales trustee for Regard, a citizens assembly member and an ambassador for the Brecon Beacons National Park.

He currently lives near Llangyidr, in the Brecon Beacons, but travels across the world, sketching, writing and championing all work tat reduces inequality. Tony lives with his partner, Chris and their two children, two dogs.  He has a small allotment in EbbwVale which he spends as much time as possible at enjoying his gardening.