Inequality stops us touching stars

Inequality stops us touching stars

We dream, a green blue beautiful world.

This can not be with inequality.

While women struggle at man’s legality.

While race inequity ruins lives,

Dark forces, words, wars, extinction thrives.


Inequality stops us touching stars,

young ideas and old wisdom ignored.

We reach out, slapped back, holds barred.

Hateful money selfish power privileged ones

slowly tear the surface of the planet.

Turn air to poison to profit none.


Inequality stops us holding peace.

Invaders invade. Politics talks. People die.

Media sings hymns to a leader’s lie.

But hope springs forward

Hope is our allies.


Equality and we rise.

Equality and we rise.

Equality brings a green blue

oh so beautiful world.

Equality and we touch the stars.



Tony Malone, June 2022.

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