Closing the Gap Between Rich and Poor

Closing the Gap Between Rich and Poor

Our world is increasingly interdependent, but I wonder if we truly understand that our interdependent human community has to be compassionate; compassionate in our choice of goals, compassionate in our means of cooperation and our pursuit of these goals.

The first of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is No.1 NO POVERTY it is an interesting choice to start the goals, but perhaps the most meaningful and one we are slowly on the path to achievement.

The awesome power that economic institutions have acquired in our society, and the distressing effects that poverty, and specifically generational poverty continues to wreak, this should make all of us look for means of transforming our economy into one based on compassion.

This form of compassion affirms the principles of dignity and justice for all embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Wherever it occurs, poverty is a significant contributor to social disharmony, ill health, suffering and armed conflict. Poverty is one of the corner stones of Systemic Racism which needs to be addressed.

If we continue along our present path, the situation could become irreparable. This constantly increasing gap between the rich and poor creates suffering for everyone, and indeed the planet itself.

Concerned not only for ourselves, our families, our community and country, we must also feel a responsibility for the individuals, communities and peoples who make up the human family as a whole. We require not only compassion for those who suffer, but also a commitment to ensuring social and economic justice.

If we are serious in our commitment to the fundamental principles of equality, and the SDG Goals, which I believe should now lie at the heart of any concept of human rights, today's economic disparity can no longer be ignored. It is not enough merely to say that all human beings must enjoy equal dignity. This must be translated into action to end poverty, and embrace economic change.

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