The art of peaceful protests

The art of peaceful protests

2018 - Ongoing

A series of workshops in person and online to look at the art of Placards and Peaceful protesting.

It's aim is to allow Young People and Adults to establish a sense of empowerment to change the world and discuss complex issues peacefully through visual arts as the initiator of dialogue.

These sessions have been run for organisations and galleries across the UK, including LV21 Lightship Arts Centre, The Scouts and also with various Schools and Youth Groups across the UK.

In some cases they have become activism projects which have made a positive difference in their own communities. Others have raised awareness through visual and spoken dialogue of the need to champion the rights of others, such as non-white communities and refugees.

This has seen 'silent protests' at Schools, Colleges, on Ships, Activity Centres and on the internet. Participation for these in schools has been around 10-30 young people and in larger events 500-4000 participants.

The following images on this page explore some of this exhibition and it's impact, and at the bottom of this page you can view the online video resource on how to make a placard and find your passion for positive social change.

The arts project and exhibition is ongoing and expanding, if you would like your organisation to join in please email: for details.


Above: Lego People Protest in support of refugees

View the online video resource for this here. 


Project workshops in partnership with: Amnesty International, LV21 Lightship, Refugee Council, The Scouts and Lego and Schools.
Thanks to LV21 for use of their photographs from events.

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