Pied Wagtails; Art & Book

Pied Wagtails; Art & Book

Tony's favourite bird, the Pied Wagtail has been a long time inspiration to his artwork and wild life drawings.

Alongside a new collection of Pied Wagtail drawings and works he's putting together for exhibition there is the exciting news of a new book!

This is not only Tony's first wild life book but also the first book about this small monotone characters; The Pied Wagtail.

"A wonderful book celebrating the popular monotone birds. Small birds big on character and history. This book takes you on a journey from their habitat, their life cycles and their folklore and history. Beautifully illustrated by the author. Tony Malone is an artist well known for his artwork and books on human rights and also a keen bird watcher with a passion for Pied Wagtails."

You can purchase the book from Amazon here, and from this website and other independent book shops soon.

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