New Collaborations

New Collaborations

Tony's art studio has always explored into 'cottage crafts' and designer products. In the past his collaboration with Fashion brands have included the William Morris Company, Levi's, Uniqlo and Muji.  Now we are proud to announce the perfect collaborations.

Each product we now offer is either made directly in the art studio or in collaboration with local crafts people. We have sought to make everything sustainably within a 50 mile radius of the Welsh Valleys, but a few products come from as far away as Somerset and Kent (at most 200 miles).

Our designer range of homeware all features Tony's artwork and is made entirely to order to reduce the carbon footprint of mass production. Everything is also handmade and produced with machines only used for printing press or sewing machine needs. We are proud to also say as every product is made with in Wales or the UK we can ensure it's origin as being free from any form of slavery, child labour and other practices we would not wish to see in the world.


You can still find the exciting new artwork and prints by Tony and of course follow his human rights campaigning and watercolour sketching on social media, but now with many new additions to this website too.

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