LGBT+ History Month 2022

LGBT+ History Month 2022

I was very proud to be invited to talk at the LGBT+ History Month Launch event at the UK National Gallery in London (albeit via Zoom for COVID safety).

A wonderful event with brilliant co-speakers as always.  For my talk I championed the work of one of my favourite Artists; Doris Hatt.

You can read more about Doris Hatt in my Stories article here: Doris Hatt; an inspiration.

Doris' Story is one that reminds us that LGBT+ people are always at risk of 'Cancel Culture' their work can be destroyed, their place in history lost and forgotten, but their persistence, their intersectionality and their vibrant colourful lives can serve as peaceful examples to future generations.

A huge thank you to SchoolsOUT, The National Gallery and LGBT+ History Month UK for inviting me to talk and share more about Doris and my favourite of her works.

My own watercolour portrait of Doris Hatt

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