Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month

Firstly, let me wish everyone a very exciting Disability Pride Month, to all my friends and friends to be who campaign for equality across the world.  The above Disability Pride Flag was designed by Ann Magill and is a wonderful rallying point to run alongside the many rainbows and imagery of LGBTQI+ Pride month.

Disability Pride has been held by disabled people since 2011.  Disability Pride seek to change the way people think about and define disability, to end the stigma of disability, and to promote the belief that disability is a natural part of human diversity in which people living with disabilities can take pride. They can be their true self without stigma or discrimination.

I set out to join this 2022 celebration in a rather personal way, exploring my own relationship to disability and my own arts practice.  Recognising that disability can be a personal experience and ‘pride’ is a time to show others who you are, what you think, what your challenges and successes are, I took this into an art form.

My art piece, “We shall be seen, we will have rights.”, takes colour inspiration from Ann Magill’s flag and overlays my blood glucose data collected from my daily blood tests from the last 12 months.

With this data I have then mapped into vivid colour schemes the approach of my blood sugar on a day to day basis into a visual colour bar to create a repeating stripped pattern effect.

I hope you enjoy this personal celebration in art, and a wonderful exclamation of excitement and hope that Disability Pride represents.

I have made art prints of this work available and a select few ceramic mugs too.  You can view the range here:  https://tonymalone.co.uk/collections/disability-pride


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