Corvid-19 Pandemic Response

Posted by Tony Malone on

During this time we must all turn to staying safe, staying at home and enhancing our sense of community in anyway possible.

This has impacted on all areas of my own work and projects. For the following three weeks, this is the approach my studio will be taking to support all our friends and customers around the world:

Online sales from the studio
The online shop remains open, however for the short term all sales made on this website will be held for delivery after 21st April 2020 unless it is safe to do so before. Your painting, prints, gifts and other orders will be held safely ready for posting when possible.

ALL my published work is being made available to read at home free via the Amazon Kindle store. 

Paint with me.
A series of free online virtual watercolour lessons. This is being filmed during the pandemic and will be made available via the YouTube channel and social media options. More details can be found on our Facebook Page. For the first episode click here.

What I am currently doing elsewhere:

  • Developing content for World Scouting, supporting 54 Million Young People around the world and the millions more outside of scouting are invited too.
  • Supporting UK Scouting on response packs
  • Helping with online staff training for various organisations on Equality subjects
  • Writing my next book... Shh!
  • Developing some exciting content with UK Charity, Macmillan Cancer support to help keep their staff positive and happy at these times of change.
  • Supporting remote collaboration between buddhist monasteries in Nepal and India, helping their ongoing work in their local communities in need during the next few weeks by fostering discussions and virtual planning meetings.

Ideas for collaboration or new projects
Got an exciting idea to bring happiness to the local and global community? Get in touch to discuss ways we can team up.

On a personal note, please everyone, stay safe, happy, and engaged. It is important to always remind ourselves that kindness is our greatest asset we posses, kindness is something that overcomes all barriers, all languages and all cultures. It is something that we all have in abundance, that once shared makes the lives of all around us richer.

Tony Malone, March 2020.